Tree Huts for All Ages

September 29, 2008


One of the greatest pleasures of Tadashi Kawamata’s Tree Huts artist-in-residency program has been witnessing faces of all ages light up as visitors walk into Madison Square Park and look up to see the results of Tadashi’s transformative artwork.  The sounds of power saws in the Southwest corner of the park have been punctuated by constant camera flashes; a steady stream of visitors to Tree Huts HQ have told us how these works bring back fond childhood memories and temporarily relieve the stresses of our frenetic urban lifestyle.


No smiles have wider, however, than those of our youngest park visitors, for whom these huts are as much magic as artwork.  For children, the excitement the Tree Huts inspire is clearly palpable and enormously gratifying for our team.  With them in mind, Madison Square Park Conservancy’s recreation and education coordinator Vera Doherty and Program Coordinator Alison Hughes organized a Tree Huts-inspired Family Art workshop in Madison Square Park on Saturday, September 27.  The gallery above will show you just how much fun we had.  More photos to come as depiction releases trickle in.